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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

What is the procedure for import of Overseas Office Equipment?

On winding of up of overseas office, set up with approval of RBI, used office equipment and other items may be imported without an Authorisation.

What is the procedure for import under Government to Government agreement?

Import of goods under Government to Government agreement may be allowed without an Authorisation or CCP on production of necessary evidence to satisfaction of Custom Authorities.

Is Import through courier allowed?

Import through a registered courier service is permitted as per Notification issued by Department of Revenue. However, importability of such item shall be regulated in accordance with FTP.

What is the validity of an import authorisation?

Validity of an import Authorisation shall be 18 months from the date of issue of an Authorisation. RA concerned may revalidate import Authorisation on merits, for six months from date of expiry of validity.

What is procedure for Export and Import of samples?

No Authorisation shall be required for Import of bona fide technical and trade samples of items restricted in ITC (HS) except vegetable seeds, bees and new drugs. Samples of tea not exceeding Rs.2000 (CIF) in one consignment shall be allowed without an Authorisation by any person connected with Tea industry (value limits)

What is a ‘Restricted Item?

All goods, import of which is permitted only with an Authorisation / Permission / License or in accordance with the procedure prescribed in a notification / public notice are ‘Restricted’ goods.

What are ITC(HS) Codes?

ITC(HS) Code or better known as Indian Trade Classification (Harmonized System) Code was adopted in India for import – export operations. Indian Customs uses an Eight Digit ITC(HS) Codes to suit the national trade requirement.